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Avenue de Tervuren 288 
1150 Woluwé Saint Pierre, Belgium 
Telephone: 0032 2 762.52.00 
Fax: 0032 2 762.37.63 
E-mail: nigeriabrussel2@gmail.com
Website: http://nigeriabrussels.eu/
Online form: http://portal.immigration.gov.ng/visa/freshVisa 


Notice from the Consulate 31/07/2013 
All applications for visas and payments of visa fees will be done online through the website of the Nigeria Immigration Service : http://portal.immigration.gov.ng/visa/freshVisa 

In addition to the online payment for the visa fees, an extra charge will be asked at the Consulate when submitting the documents and passport.   

Basic documents for a visa application                    VISA APPLICATION FORM                      

    • International passport valid min. 6 months after return and must have at least two-sided blank pages
    • visa application form to be completed on line via the website http://portal.immigration.gov.ng/visa/freshVisa
    • 1 Additional application form (see document on PDF)
    • 2 recent and identical pictures in color, with a white background 
    • copy of the Belgian identity card
    • flight ticket
    • official hotel reservation
    • vaccination yellow fever

In addition for Business visa 

    • invitation letter on which the following sentence should appear in the letter : "acceptance of full immigration responsability on behalf of the visitor" + copy of the passport of the person who signed the invitation. 
    • guarantee letter from the Belgian company 
    • copy of an old Nigerian visa with the datapage of the passport where the old visa is. For those applying a Nigerian visa for the first, you must apply personnaly to the Consulate. 
    • certificate of Incorporation of the Business in Nigeria (from the inviting company)
    • proof of payment of the visa through the website. 
    • copy of the Belgian identity card

In addition for Temporary Employment visa (TWP) 

    • telex conveying approval from Nigerian Immigration authorities 
    • letter of guarantee from the Belgian company
    • diploma + translation of the document (by a sworn translator) 

Delay : 5 days

Express: no

Closed every friday 



Type Description VAT Excluded VAT Included
Normal SINGLE ENTRY VISA 20.0 20.0
Normal MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA 75.0 75.0